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In his new release, John follows tradition by demonstrating his ability to set his personal life to music. In the title track, he generously shares the tragic loss of his uncle in WWII. Little Fixer-Upper is a sentimental reflection of a home that needed a bit of work, and The Real Real Estate Song humorously reveals his thoughts on city folk in Montana. Everyone loves a good story. Share some time with John as he shares his life with you.
John's second Album was released in 1993. Showcasing his songwriting and vast musical abilities. This CD is packed with musical "gems". The "I'm Too White To Sing Reggae" became and underground cult classic in the clubs of the Northwest. And "The Quarter Horse" may be Johns strongest and most requested song.
JOHN DUNNIGAN: The View Fom Here
With this, his third album, John reaches new peaks of insightful and incisive song writing. "It reflects a comtemplative side of the versatile performer," said Kristi Niemeyer, writing for Montana's Lively Times. "and the result deserves some serious listening."
Whitefish, Montana singer song-writer John Dunnigan has teamed up with Instrumentalist/Producer/Friend David Griffith to record and produce Censored, Dunnigan's 4th album and third CD. "Keeping the album acoustic and 'loose-sounding' was the goal from the beginning," says Dunnigan. "If I couldn't play the part, Dave could, and that worked really well." The highly humorous "Censored" CD contains 12 songs, of which half were penned by Dunnigan.
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